Articles from the Blue Arabian Horse Catalog Supplements.

please note that the briefs for each page are my own comments, meant to give readers an idea of the type or topic of information on each page. The few snipped lines in italics are quotes from that page.

1961 page 01 Forward

1961 page 02 (blank)

1961 page 03 Importation Inspections

1961 page 04 AHCA Inspections continued

1961 page 05 1961 Questions and Answers; Muniqi blood, Turcoman

1961 page 06 Q&A; desirability of blood related to type, spoiling the market
"If they wanted black coffee and inadvertantly got a little cream in it, would they then add sugar and milk and brandy and pepper and salt and vinegar, just because it already had some cream in it and "nothing else can make it any worse"? (Please not that some of those things go very well in coffee - if you don't happen to want it straight.)"

1961 page 07 Q&A; other catalogs, family type, inclusions/exclusions, assumptions, Dwarka.

1961 page 08 Q&A; Dwarka, Shayga, Bedouin reliability, fanatics

1961 page 09 Q&A; Bedouin breeding, selection criteria, bloodlines vs own merit

1961 page 10 Q&A; defective specimans, improving Blue stock, cross-breeding.
"Those who like the Antique Arabian for its own sake are out numbered thousands to one by those (including many Arab-breeders) who value it only for its effect on other blood. The latter criticize it even while they seek it, but if it were altered in accordance with their suggestions they would find it no more useful for crossing than what they already have. For the sake of its critics as well as its admirers, the Antique Arabian must be preserved as it is."

1961 page 11 Q&A; Skowronek, size, action

1961 page 12 Q&A; Trabag/pinto coloring, glass eyes, inbreeding

1961 page 13 Q&A; New Egyptian, winning at shows,

1961 page 14 Q&A; Top Ten Blue percents, catalogued and uncatalogued
"This analysis is published chiefly for the benefit of those who are unable to form an opinion on the value of a bloodline until they know what a judge thought of it."

1961 page 15 Q&A; Chart: Sources of Bloodlines of the Top Ten Stallions and Mares

1961 page 16 Q&A; qualifications to publish catalog

1961 page 17 Q&A; need of Blue mares

1962 page 01 (blank)

1962 page 02 (blank)

1962 page 03 Blue Mares, More on the AHCR

1962 page 04 Unregistered Entries, semantics of advertising

1962 page 05 Sublist Skowronek

1962 page 06 more on sublists, Bashful Correspondents

1962 page 07 Why isn't my horse in your Catalog?

1962 page 08 Stallion promotion
"Most Arabian-breeders in this country are involved in a cult of stallion-worship which amounts to mania. The average breeder builds his herd around his stallion, but he tends to buy the first horse he sees that appeals to him, and all he asks of it is beauty and a fashionable male line. If a colt is good-looking it can be shown, and if it can be shown successfully it can be studded, whether it is well bred or not. If it fails to get foals as good as itself that can be compensated for to a certain extent by procuring top mares for it - not that the mares will get any credit for the improvement."

1962 page 09 comments on Blue stallions, Hallany Mistanny, Rodasr

1962 page 10 (continued) Fadell, SIRECHO, Julep, El Alamein, Daaldan, Ralf, *TAAMRI, Fabah, Faaris

1962 page 11 (continued) FANIFEH, Mistlany, Hadbah, Fa Mist, *Ansata Ibn Halima and other comments

"Again we caution our subscribers against believeing claims that we have recommended any Blue Arabian, for any purpose, without checking those claims with us."

1963 page 01 1963 Errata and Addenda, updates

1963 page 02 1963 Report of Blue Mares

1963 page 03 Record number of Blue Foals, Sub-list Basilisk

1963 page 04 Dwarka

1963 page 05 *Muha

1963 page 06 Domow

1963 page 07 *Raida; Purity, Type and Romance

1963 page 08 purity of type

1963 page 09 Information Center for Blue Buyers

1963 page 10 Meaning of preserving the Blue Nucleus for the benefit of all Arabians

1963 page 11 Importance of Blue Nucleus continued, degeneration, regeneration

1963 page 12 Blue importance in Polish breeding practice

1963 page 13 "Pretty" or "Better"

1963 page 14 Funtional advantage
"The Bedouins never cared what their horses looked like, only what they could do, and any horse that could not come up to standard performance had to die trying. Centuries of this kind of selection have produced a near-perfect working animal but not a particularly beautiful one."

1963 page 15 AL-FELLUJE, DHAHMIDA, TURFAN, Breeding the best what to the best what

1963 page 16 Lothar, Your Pony

1963 page 17 Publishing articles and letters

1963 page 18 continued, Blue Census in 1964

1963 page 19 Further Misadventures of the AHCR

1963 page 20 continued

1964 page 01 Sub-list Nureddin

1964 page 02 Re-designation of Sources, Egyptian Mythology

1964 page 03 continued

1964 page 04 Farouk Studbook, Gazia Bint Horra

1964 page 05 Nafaa El-Saghira, The Crane Papers

1964 page 06 Reserved Numbers

1964 page 07 continued

1964 page 08 Imported Arabians

1964 page 09 Your Pony Magazine

1964 page 10 Recommend Blue Stallions

1965 page 01 Recommend Blue Stallions, *Wadduda

1965 page 02 continued

1965 page 03 Raswan and Impersonators, Semantics and Advertising

1965 page 04 Deviant Blue Foal

1965 page 05 continued

1965 page 06 continued

1965 page 07 Inheritance of Color in Horses

1965 page 08 Sub-lists Basilisk, Skowronek, Nureddin

1965 page 09 "Your Pony" and "The Show World", More on Raswan

1966 page 01 Aradan, Record number of Blue foals, Raswan
"We who did him justice while he lived have nothing to say about him now that he is dead. His work will outlive any words of friends, false friends, or open enemies. The Original Breed of Arabian Horse is his living monument, and will continue to exist now as long as there are men who love it with a fraction of his ardor."

1967 page 01 Apology, Saihat

1967 page 02 Bahreyn, Jordan, Aradan

1967 page 03 Recommended Stallions, Simpson expands again, Second new Arabian Horse Registry

1967 page 04 continued

1967 page 05 continued

1967 page 06 continued

Supplement Editorial page 07 Who's Who, Glass eyes, Lira II

Supplement Editorial page 08 Jordan

Supplement Editorial page 09 continued

Supplement Editorial page 10 Blue and Non-Blue Egyptians, Farouk

Supplement Editorial page 11 IAHRONA, AHCR, A-I

Supplement Editorial page 12 Identification, International Rider and Driver

Supplement Editorial page 13 More Breed Magazines

Supplement Editorial page 14 Color Inheritancee, Availability of Blue Mares

Supplement Editorial page 15 Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Supplement Editorial page 16 continued

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